What is flexible industrial air duct hoses?


Flexible industrial air duct hose, as the name implies, is a hose that can be flexibly stretched and bent.

What is the difference between PVC duct hose and thermoplastic rubber (TPR) duct hose and polyurethane (PU) duct hose? And how to choose the right flexible duct hose?


Compared with PVC flexible hose and TPR flexible hose, PU flexible hose is excellent solutions for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications

What is industrial hose and how many types of industrial hoses?


Industrial hoses are usually used for light material handling and smoke treatment, and there are many types that can be used to adapt to different working environments.

What is PP flexible air duct hose?


Ecoosi flexible air ducting hose---PP flexible air duct hose is designed for ventilation for various kinds of equipment, this PP air hose is produced by PP material with spring steel wire integrated in wall, it is very flexible and lightweight.

What is the advantages of PVC plastic hose, PVC industrial hose, PVC spiral hose?


Industrial PVC spiral plastic hoses are often used as suction and material handling hose for suctions of solids such as dust and fibres, gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction equipment, hoses for air conditioning.

Ecoosi Flexible PVC Clear Steel Wire Helix Ducting Hose Working


Ecoosi flexible PVC clear steel wire helix duct hose is economical, durable, good chemical resistance and available in various grades because it is used for many commercial applications

Industrial Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose From Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosis industrial flexible ventilation ducting hoses also include many different types of hose materials, such as thermoplastic rubber, PVC, polyurethane, glass fiber, fabric and so on.

Flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosis flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose is excellent product in almost all cases, whether as a laboratory floor runner or as a lightweight hose for ventilation in the attic.

Industrial plastic flexible ducting hoses from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. offers industrial flexible ducting and flexible plastic hoses suitable for ambient air movement, requiring plastic hoses to be mobile and flexible.

Industrial vacuum hose include PU vacuum hose and PVC vacuum hose


Industrial vacuum hose commonly used in two materials, one is the PU material PU vacuum hose, the other is the PVC material PVC vacuum hose.