What is PVC Grey Ducting Hose?

What is PVC Grey Ducting Hose?

Ecoosi PVC Grey Ducting Hose is a PVC light, flexible, and easy-to-install ducting hose. This grey duct hose is made with adequate reinforcement secured by proper placement of hard spirals of rigid thermoplastic material like PVC in a soft PVC wall that imparts strength and flexibility.

Ecoosi PVC Duct Hose is a highly specialized product used in various fields where the conveying of air and gases, light materials, and handling of dust is required. Duct Hose are lightweight and flexible which make hose easier to carry and install.

Ecoosi grey duct hoses are flexible hoses with spiral reinforcements mainly used for the suction of light materials such as dust and air. It is abrasion-resistant and can be used for both suction and delivery purposes. These PVC Ducting hoses are used in industries such as printing, cement, sewage, construction, paper mills, chemicals, etc.

Ecoosi flexible duct hoses are designed for light bulk material handling, dust control, air movement, and fume control applications. These lightweight and flexible air vent ducts provide good chemical resistance and are ideal for areas where flexibility and tight bending characteristics are a must. The standard colors come in Gray, however, other colors would be available.

Ecoosi industrial ducting hoses have a specially compounded rigid PVC reinforcement which is helically wound and inseparably fused to the soft inner walls. By its unique construction, ducting results in a thin, very smooth wall, that is almost completely protected from any possible crushing.

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