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Established in 2006, Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in producing industrial flexible air ducting hose products. ECOOSI uses an array of materials including polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber, PVC, silicone, polyester, and vinyl fabric, and polyethylene to manufacture a broad range of flexible duct hose products. Our flexible duct hose products are used in applications involving air, dust, fume, and lightweight materials, which are flexible, easy to handle, lightweight, and inherently durable. 

Ecoosi is dedicated to the industrial sector and mainly to the abrasion, chemical, fumes - high-temperature gasses, and vapors industries. We manufacture various industrial flexible ducting hoses to suit customers' requirements. Our flexible air ducting hose is designed primarily for ventilation and light material handling applications. Ventilation may include fume collection, anti-static applications, lawn and leaf vacuum, commercial vcuum applications, high or low-temperature applications, chemical resistance, and high abrasion.

Typical requirements include the following:

Temperature range

Abrasion resistance

Electrostatic discharge resistance.

Ecoosi flexible air duct hose products including the PU Flexible Ducting Hose, PVC Ducting Hose, TPR Ducting Hose, Silicone Ducting Hose, Flexible Ducting Hose, Fabric Air Ducting Hose, PVC Interlock Ducting Hose, Suction Ducting Hose, Anti Static Ducting Hose, Grit Ducting Hose and so on.

Ecoosi industrial air ducting hose has been manufactured for all applications, such as:

Woodworking industry

Automotive industry

Household and electrical appliances

Climatic engineering

Mechanical engineering and plant engineering

Medical technology

Sanitary engineering

Ecoosi will offer the best flexible ducting hose solution for all requirements, guarantee customers the utmost product reliability and safety, and ensure great service life and dependability in applications that conform to the required specifications. to provide the best ducting hose products and service to our customers. 

Ecoosi has been working with the most famous brand in the world, Our flexible duct hose products have been used by domestic and foreign customers for a very long time and have won unanimous praise from customers.

Ecoosi---Your ducting hose specialist.

Any interests please feel free to click contact us or through email: info@eiduct.com or Mobile(WhatsApp): 00-86-136-5140-9056, or our another website: Ductinghose.com, we are always here to satisfy your requirement!

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