What is industrial hose and how many types of industrial hoses?

What is industrial hose and how many types of industrial hoses?

Industrial hoses are usually used for light material handling and smoke treatment, and there are many types that can be used to adapt to different working environments. Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. has many types of industrial hose categories, please find in the following five categories according to specific working conditions:


1. Chemical fume extraction hose. These hoses are mainly used to safely vent the fumes generated by harsh process chemicals. Therefore, they have good chemical resistance.


2. Hose for light material handling. Material handling hoses are most commonly used to transport dry powders and goods, such as food powders and other abrasives.


3. Ventilation hose and HVAC duct for ventilation. Ventilation hoses are used to handle air, gas, smoke, smoke and other pollutants. Chemicals, agriculture, manufacturing, and other industries related to potentially hazardous fumes or gases all rely on ventilation hoses to safely transfer harmful gases and particles from harm.


4. Dust collection hose. Dust collection hoses are ideal for collecting dust, wood chips and other fine materials found in various industrial and commercial activities.


5. High temperature hose. As the name implies, high temperature hoses are ideal for industrial and commercial applications involving high operating temperatures. 


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