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PVC duct hose,PVC ventilation hose, PVC steel wire hose, PVC clear hose,PVC flex hose


Ecoosi industrial PVC clear duct hose with PVC coated steel wire, the outer surface of wrinkles, reinforced ribs in the form of external thread to reduce the contact surface in the ground such as wear rate.

Ecoosi Flexible PU Anti-static Material Handling Hose And Ducting Working


Ecoosi material handling flexible PU antistatic ducting hose generates a lot of friction, resulting in static buildup.

Ecoosi flexible silicone air duct hose is a heat resistant flex duct hose with double layer coated glass fiber fabric.


Ecoosi flexible Silicone coated duct hose is a heat resistant air duct hose with double layer coated glass fiber fabric, this double layer silicone coated duct hose is designed for hot air applications

PVC ventilation hose and PU ventilation hose


Vacuum hose is also known as dust collection hose, duct hose, flexible hose, ventilation hose, etc., according to the material, also divided into PVC ventilation hose, PU ventilation hose.

Analysis on the procurement of Woodworking Dust Collection Hose


Ecoosi PU woodworking dust collection hose is dedicated to woodworking machinery for a powder of wood powder delivery of a wear-resistant dust hose, we once saw a woodworking enthusiasts forum to see the use of said

Polyurethane vacuum hose, anti-static duct hose is how anti-static?


Ecoosis anti static duct hose is a strong electrostatic performance of the electrostatic to prevent the occurrence of electrostatic accidents, with a light, soft, good flexibility, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic.

Ecoosi Polyurethane Woodchip Dust Collection Hose


Ecoosi offer a polyurethane flexible and durable woodworking dust collection hose designed specifically for collecting woodchip and dust.

Ecoosi silicone coated double layer fiberglass duct hose is ideal for high temperature air and fume applications


Ecoosi silicone coated double layer fiberglass ducting hose is a light-weight and extremely strong material handling hose which is reinforced by fine fibers of glass. This silicone ducting hose is a fantastic light-weight alternative to metal ducting solu

Ecoosi Leaf vacuum polyurethane hose


If any interests or questions in our industrial leaf vacuum polyurethane hose please feel free to contact us through email: or Mobile(WhatsApp,Wechat): 00-86-187-1155-3123, we are always here to satisfy your requirement!

High Temperature Silicone Coated 2Ply Fiberglass Duct Hose


Ecoosi high temperature silicone coated 2Ply glass fiber fabric duct hose, red high temperature silicone flex duct hose made of silicone coated glass fiber fabric, also known as silicone high temperature air duct, mechanical production made by high temper