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Ecoosi industrial polyester fabric high temperature ventilation duct hose using high-quality polyester fabric materials


Ecoosi industrial polyester fabric high-temperature air duct hose used imported high-quality polyester fabric materials, the market a lot of nylon cloth in the sale of nylon fabric is not cloth.

What is Industrial PVC Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose?


If any interests or questions in our PVC Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose please feel free to contact us through email: or Mobile(WhatsApp,Wechatt): 00-86-187-1155-3123, we are always here to satisfy your requirement!

Ecoosi Flexible PU Woodworking Dust Collection Hose Working


Ecoosi flexible PU woodworking dust collection hose is designed for woodworking industry. The flexible ducting hose supplier believes that all types of work are based on the material hose for the transport.

Industrial polyurethane dust collection flexible ducting hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosi industrial polyurethane dust collection flexible ducting hose is an important factor in maintaining safety and efficiency in the workplace.

How to choose the suitable industrial steel wire flexible hose?


Commonly used industrial steel wire flexible hose is divided into two materials with the same, one is PU polyurethane hose, one is PVC industrial hose.

What is PU flex ducting hose?


Ecoosi industrial polyurethane PU flex ducting hose has a nickname for PU Flexible Ducting hose.It is named as "PU copper coated steel wire hose" from material and structure.

Industrial Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose From Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosis industrial flexible ventilation ducting hoses also include many different types of hose materials, such as thermoplastic rubber, PVC, polyurethane, glass fiber, fabric and so on.

Flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosis flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose is excellent product in almost all cases, whether as a laboratory floor runner or as a lightweight hose for ventilation in the attic.

Industrial plastic flexible ducting hoses from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. offers industrial flexible ducting and flexible plastic hoses suitable for ambient air movement, requiring plastic hoses to be mobile and flexible.

Industrial vacuum hose include PU vacuum hose and PVC vacuum hose


Industrial vacuum hose commonly used in two materials, one is the PU material PU vacuum hose, the other is the PVC material PVC vacuum hose.