How to choose the right high temperature resistant air duct hoses for your engineering plastic auxiliary dryers?

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In engineering plastic molding processing, efficient drying of raw materials is a key factor in product quality. Hygroscopic plastics may absorb the humid air in the surrounding air, which will affect the plasticization of the raw materials and the quality of the final product. Therefore, the use of a dehumidifier dryer can provide continuous drying air to remove the moisture absorbed inside the raw materials, so that the dried raw materials meet the production requirements.

There are many types of mechanical equipment used for drying operations, which can be divided into batch and continuous according to the operation method. According to the drying medium, it can be divided into air, flue gas or other drying media. According to the movement (material movement and drying medium flow), it can be divided into co-current, counter-current and cross-current.

According to the operating pressure, the dryer is divided into two types: normal pressure dryer and vacuum dryer. Operating under vacuum can reduce the partial pressure of moisture vapor in the space to accelerate the drying process, and can reduce the boiling point of the moisture and the drying temperature of the material. Leakage, so the vacuum dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive, easily oxidized, explosive and toxic materials and moisture vapor needs to be recovered.

Ecoosi high temperature double layer silicone duct hose is ideal for supporting various engineering plastic auxiliary machine media transmission systems, this 2 Ply silicone coated glass fiber fabric duct hose is designed to remove fumes, air and gases at high temperatures. Ecoosi silicone air ducting hose could handle working temperature range from –70℃ to +310℃. So it is very suitable for plastic processing applications to dryer the raw material.

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