What is the difference between PU flex hose and PVC flex hose?

What is the difference between PU flex hose and PVC flex hose?

Vacuum hose is also known as dust collection hose, duct hose, flexible hose, ventilation hose, etc., according to the material, also divided into PVC duct hose, PU duct hose.

Such as the most common vacuum cleaner on the home of the PVC vacuum hose, and the factory common to do with the ordinary dust removal flexible PVC suction hose; its advantages are light and cheap, the disadvantage is limited service life, especially in an industrial vacuum, When the suction material is wood chips, broken particles and so on objects, PVC vacuum hose, whether it is steel wire or plastic is easier to wear, generally, 3-5 months after the use of the wall will be serious damage, affecting the use;

Second, the ordinary PVC hose temperature is minus 10 degrees to zero 70 degrees or so, in our local too cold areas, such vacuum hose according to changes in temperature, such as winter temperatures Too low, PVC dust hose will be hardened, or even crack, can not meet the needs of high-quality customers. However, the performance of more excellent PU vacuum hose temperature range of -40 ℃ - +90 ℃, a short period of time up to 110 ℃.

PU duct hose, PU is the abbreviation of Polyurethane. Because of its high and low-temperature characteristics (-40 ℃ - +90 ℃, up to 110 ℃ in a short time), high wear resistance, high flexibility (bending radius is small, simple to say that the flexibility is very good to meet any bending, Any stretch) and so on. Performance is far more than PVC flexible hose.

Ecoosi PU flexible hose has long been used in woodworking, textile, plastic, PCB, environmental protection, sweeping machines, and other mechanical equipment on the original hose, the color was light yellow, transparent, which can also be supported by steel wire, and hard plastic reinforcement.

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