How to connect the PU flexible duct hose when its length is not enough?

How to connect the PU flexible duct hose when its length is not enough?

PU flexible duct hose, wear-resistant, lightweight, environmentally friendly high-quality steel wire hose, durable, is a multi-purpose industrial wear-resistant flex duct hose, this structure so that the ducting hose has a strong compressible wear performance. With tensile strength, tear strength, bending resistance, penetration resistance, low-temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, and other properties, and has good resilience and long service life.

High wear resistance than PVC flex duct hose, rubber ducting hose wear 10 times higher, especially for dust, powder, fiber, debris, and particle transport, to withstand high flow rate of very abrasive sand, broken Stone friction will not damage the flexible hose.

As the production of PU flex hose in the process of the restrictions, the general domestic production standards are 10 meters, 15 meters, and 20 meters, the longest not more than 20 meters, especially some large-diameter Polyurethane flex hose is generally about 10 meters long. In the production, because the cooling tank length is limited, the longest can not exceed 20 meters.

And customers use the occasional use of the length of more than 20 meters, this time has to hose and hose connected. For this situation, the general use of relatively short hose two sets of PU flexible hose and then clamp the throat hoop. When faced with some special requirements of the use of high-demand conditions, the general may not be able to meet the requirements of the hard hose must be used to connect the use of stainless steel joints.

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