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Ecoosi's double layer silicone rubber air duct hose is designed for brake cooling duct hose, it is flexible and high temperature resistant up to 310℃.

This flexible hose is produced by two layer silicone rubber coated fiber glass fabric with spring steel wire and a fiberglass cord reinforced, so it is not collapsing. The double layer construction also withstands higher pressure and vacuum , so this hose is popular as engine air intake hose on normally-aspirated applications。

Ecoosi's high temp silicone 2 ply air duct hose also designed for plastics processing industry as dryer duct to drying the plastic pellets. It has been proved by practice that reducing the dew point of the drying air to below -40 °C and controlling the heat to blow over the surface of the moist plastic pellets can reduce the moisture content to below 0.02% before molding. In the circulation system, the air is fully dehumidified and heated, and the dry air quickly separates the moisture in the plastic pellets to achieve the effect of dehumidification and drying.

If you want to find the best high temp silicone 2 ply air duct hose supplier, please feel free to click contact us or send an email to: info@eiduct.com or mobile (WhatsApp): 00 -86-187-1155-3123, or our other website: Ductinghose.com, we're here for you!
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