What is PU flex ducting hose?

What is PU flex ducting hose?

Ecoosi industrial polyurethane PU flex ducting hose has a nickname for PU Flexible Ducting hose. It is named as "PU copper coated steel wire hose" from material and structure, and it can also be called "PU vacuum hose, PU ventilation hose and PU air duct hose". Ecoosi industrial PU flex Ducting hose has many kinds of types, but its main features are made of PU material plus copper coated steel wire. Our PU flex duct hose according to its wall thickness can be divided into the following types:

1, PU flex duct hose--light duty (wall thickness: 0.4mm, light, strong scalability, suitable for frequent moving position, such as woodworking dust collection hose, CNC machine ducting hose).

2, Polyurethane duct hose--medium duty (wall thickness: 0.6mm, can be bent, compressible, suitable for industrial dust transport, such as ceramic powder ducting hose);

3, PU ducting hose--heavy duty (wall thickness: 0.9mm, can be bent, not compressible, suitable for relatively coarse particles, friction of the medium, such as drilling machine vacuum ducting hose);

4, Polyurethane duct--high duty (wall thickness: 1.2mm, the wall is very thick, PU hose extremely abrasion-resistant, high pressure environment, such as the printer ventilation ducting hose).

The above are ECOOSI's four most commonly used PU ducting hose, copper coated spring wire tightly wrapped in the spiral wall; the optimal flow profile design; wall use the high-transparent polyurethane TPU top raw materials to make. Good heat resistance (better than TPE and neoprene), heavy duty, high abrasion resistance (2.5 to 5 times of most rubber materials, 3 to 4 times of most soft PVC materials), smooth interior , Excellent through the nature, light weight and compressible to improve the pressure and resistance to vacuum, high tensile strength, and tear strength, good oil resistance, gasoline, chemical resistance, good resistance to ultraviolet and ozone performance, bending Anti-gas and liquid leakage, in line with SGS, RoHS regulations, according to the German TRBS 2153 (original BGR 132): electrostatic discharge through the ground, recommended for use in a flammable and easy to use, Explosive powder of the occasion.

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