What is the application range of Ecoosi flexible double layer silicone ducting hose and how to install this high temp duct?

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Ecoosi flexible double layer silicone ducting hose is designed for delivery hot air and cooling air, such as for vehicle enginees like auto, aircraft,trucks,even military tank, as component for different machines that produce hot air or cool air and widely used for plastic dryer and granulate machine in plastic industry. This silicone high temp ducting hose is extremely flame retardant and chemical resistance.

Ecoosi flexible double layer silicone ducting hose is made by 2Ply silicone coated glass fiber fabric with spring steel wire is hidden between the two layers and have the glass cord reinforced on the outside surfact. This silicone ducting hose could working in high temperature reach to 310℃, and work in cold temperature lower to –70℃, it's standard length is 4 meter, size range from 19mm to 400mm.

Ecoosi flexible double layer silicone ducting hose is a flexible duct hose this is highly light and flexible with extremely good heat resistance, this high temp ducting hose also is leak-proof and kink proof. When you installated this silicone ducting hose, you should avoid abrasion out side and keep some space between the hoses and walls, groud , or machines. Do not apply too strong bending stress and follow the  corresponding bending radius also keep it away from strong chemical corrosion. Besides, do not put this ducting hose in working temperature over above 350℃.

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