What is the advantages of Ecoosis double layer silicone flexible ducting hose?

What is the advantages of Ecoosis double layer silicone flexible ducting hose?

Ecoosi's double layer silicone ventilation ducting hose is a lightweight, two layer, silicone coated glass fiber fabric ducting hose that is designed for use in high temperature applications. 


Ecoosi silicone high temperature flexible ducting hose is ideal suitable for ventilation and ducting, such as conveying hot and cold air, printing machines, compressors and blowers,  exhaust gases, engine construction, engine heating, aircraft and military construction, granulate dryers in the plastics industry. This silicone 2Ply air ducting hose could survive higher working pressures and has increased vacuum resistance due to the added ply.


Ecoosi's heat resistant silicone flex ventilation hose has excellent heat resistance, leak-proof, double layer, wire helix embedded between layers, kink-proof, very flexible, light weight, external glass fibre cord, small bend radius, excellent chemical resistance, available in 4m lengths and vailable in different colors, could handle working temperature range from -70°C to +310°C.


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