What is industrial flexible duct hose?

What is industrial flexible duct hose?

In its core definition, the duct hose is a tubular device with an opening at each end for transferring something from point A to point B. Ecoosi industrial flexible duct hoses are designed to move a range of materials. The range includes five categories - air at different temperatures, dust and other fine particles, abrasives, larger non-abrasive materials and smoke.

There is not one flex hose is ideal for every different type of material movement. A wide variety of duct hoses are available, all of which are designed differently and are made of different materials and have different functions. Hose materials include PVC, coated polyester fabric, PU, silicone, thermoplastic rubber, aluminum, and the like. Each will offer different qualities. For example, PVC flexible duct offer a high degree of flexibility. Some materials provide higher operating temperatures while others process chemicals.

To determine what kind of duct hose you need in any particular environment, you need to know what kind of material it will pass, the temperature it must be able to handle, whether it requires any chemical resistance, whether it will use positive or negative pressure, length and diameter. How big is the size.

Ecoosi industrial flex duct hose applications can include air transfer from air conditioning systems, sand, pebbles and other small debris and abrasives, to ventilating harmful fumes. If any interests in our industrial flexible duct hoses please feel free to click contact us through email: info@eiduct.com or Mobile(WhatsApp,Wechat): 00-86-187-1155-3123, or our another website: www.ductinghose.com  we are always here to satisfy your requirement!