Flexible PVC dust collection hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Flexible PVC dust collection hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose are used in many commercial applications because they are affordable, durable, offer good chemical resistance, and are available in a variety of grades. It is commendable that flex PVC duct hose may be one of the most versatile flexible air duct hose types on the market. Flexible industrial PVC hose products can be used to move air in portable A / C units, move dust in woodworking applications, transfer paint fumes or move bulk materials in agricultural applications. The flexibility, durability and chemical resistance of PVC flex hose allow them to play a significant role in a wide variety of applications.

Unlike similar metal hose products, Ecoosi's clear dust collection hose corrosion-resistant materials, can cause great damage to most metal hoses. Chemical stability is a common feature in materials containing halogens such as chlorine and fluorine. This applies to PVC resins, which also have oil resistance / chemical resistance. Because of this excellent chemical resistance, Ecoosi's clear PVC duct hose are commonly used in applications involving the use of hazardous chemicals and fuels. Due to its innate resistance to destructive chemicals and fumes, our PVC transparent duct hose can function in a wide variety of situations.

Ecoosi's flexible industrial PVC clear dust collection hose is excellent product in almost all cases, whether as a laboratory floor runner or as a lightweight hose for ventilation in the attic.  Ecoosi Flexible PVC clear duct hose with transparent, blue, thick-walled version of the material handling and thin-walled general-purpose flexible hose. This PVC flex duct is not only economical, but its structural materials make it resistant to many elements, making it a great alternative to other forms of hoses.

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