Why Ecoosi hot air silicone duct hose Is ideal for pellet drying?

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When the dryer evaporates moisture from the wet cloth and material by blowing high-temperature air through the object while the object is circulating inside the machine. The moisture then passes through the hot air double layer silicone coated fiberglass duct hose and exits the building at the endpoint. Because of the need for consistent airflow, the dryer duct hose needs to be flexible and operable, so they do not put the airflow at risk.

Ecoosi offers an industrial dryer exhaust ducting hose product to meet the application of flexibility, heat resistance, and durability requirements---hot air double layer silicone coated fiberglass duct hose. Because the dryer vent duct hose needs to transfer the dryer exhaust to a secondary location, it must be a flexible ducting hose. In industrial equipment, it is important that the flexible hose is durable in order to withstand the rigors of the media and the external environment therethrough. The flexible dryer duct hose must be operated from the rear of the unit and reach the endpoint leading to the outside.

Ecoosi hot air double layer silicone coated fiberglass drying duct hose has this necessary flexibility without sacrificing the durability of the hose material. In addition, you can more easily transport, install, and maintain the dryer vent duct hose by using a dryer duct with a high degree of compressibility.

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