How to distinguish high quality flex silicone duct hose?

How to distinguish high quality flex silicone duct hose?

Ecoosi high temperature flexible red silicone air duct hose, also known as high temperature silicone hose, is made of glass fiber cloth, non-combustible polymer materials, silicone rubber, high elastic steel wire, high temperature line, 310 ℃ high temperature vulcanization compound.

How to distinguish high-quality silicone duct hose pipe?

1. Surface: Check the external and internal surfaces. High-quality high-temperature flexible red silicone hose surface should be very smooth, no stains, no wrinkles, no rough and uneven points.

2. Pitch: elastic wire and glass fiber thread pitch, winding evenly.

3. Bend: The silicone duct hose is very flexible.

4. Material: good high temperature silicone air hose made of high quality silicone rubber, temperature and corrosion resistance stronger. Winding around the elastic steel wire on both sides of the use of the same material and the base fabric, also has the effect of temperature and flame retardant.

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