PU vacuum hose, PVC vacuum hose, industrial dust collection hose construction and wear resistance analysis

PU vacuum hose, PVC vacuum hose, industrial dust collection hose construction and wear resistance analysis

Ecoosi industrial vacuum hose can transmit air, dust, sand, wood chips or pieces of wood, widely used, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, low temperature, and other characteristics, can completely replace the rubber hose and other hose pipes, is the future of woodworking machinery vacuum hose of choice, with unparalleled advantages, the following we do its main wear resistance analysis.

Application of vacuum hoses: Wear-able solids such as dust, powders, fibers, chips and particles, gas and liquid environments, dust and suction plants, industrial vacuum cleaners, paper, and textile fibers, Properties: Very smooth articles, antibacterial and hydrolysis resistant, excellent chemical resistance, bending radius approximately equal to the outside diameter, Can be discharged static (according to BGR-132, formerly ZH 1/200) spiral wire grounding. Construction: a strong flexible copper-coated steel wire wrapped in the wall, scalable; wall: special top polyether-polyurethane than PVC Hose wear-resistant more than 10 times higher, about 0.6mm wall thickness; temperature range: about -40 ℃ to +125 ℃, short time can be about + 150 ℃.

PU dust collection hose, industrial vacuum hose material is mainly polyurethane, the molecular structure contains -NHCOO-unit of the polymer compounds, the unit by the reaction of isocyanate and hydroxyl groups. The reaction is as follows: -N = C = O + HO ~ → -NH-COO ~. Its physical and chemical properties between the rubber and plastic have excellent characteristics. A key indicator of wear resistance is the Taber abrasion value, which has a Taber abrasion value of 0.35-0.5 mg, which is the smallest of plastics, which is unmatched by other plastics, which is essential for maintaining excellent abrasion resistance.

In order to better improve its wear characteristics, in the process of adding special lubricants, in order to better reduce its intermolecular friction, the use of lubricants makes the friction between the molecules are a greater reduction, thus further Improve the degree of wear. The characteristics of the product itself and special processing are the PU dust collection ducting hose with the fundamental wear. Ecoosi PU vacuum ducting hose has been customer demand as the center, to provide you with high-quality products, customer demand is the direction of our future development.

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