What is PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose?

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As the name suggests, PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose is mainly made of PVC coated polyester fabric, supported by spiral steel wire inside, and the upper and lower layers of PVC coated polyester fabric hot-press bonding steel wire are used to strengthen adhesion and tension. Ecoosi PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose has good flame retardant resistant.

Ecoosi PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose is designed for handle air, gas, smoke, fumes, and other pollutants. Chemical, agricultural, manufacturing, and other industries that work with potentially hazardous fumes or gases all rely on ventilation hoses to safely move hazardous gases and particulates out of harm’s way.

Ecoosi PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose is ideal used for electronic factory soldering and smoking, bathroom exhaust, machinery, factory exhaust ventilation, chemical, exhaust gas and other exhaust hoses; This PVC flexible ventilation duct hose has the advantages of not only pressure resistance 300mmwg, but also high flexibility, construction easy, the general temperature reaches –20℃ to +120℃ degrees.

Finally, when choosing a ventilation hose, customers should first consider the industry in which they are used and what temperature resistance requirements they can choose. If any interests in our PVC flexible ventilation air duct hose, please feel free to contact us through email: info@eiduct.com or Mobile(WhatsApp): 00-86-187-1155-3123, or our another website: www.ductinghose.com to contact us, we are always here to satisfy your requirement!