What is silicone high temperature flexible air duct hose and its applications?

What is silicone high temperature flexible air duct hose and its applications?

Ecoosi flexible silicone high temperature air duct hose can withstand a variety of temperature ranges to meet the needs of specific applications. The materials used to manufacture this type of flexible duct hose is generally durable and have excellent thermal stability to withstand the high temperatures in the environment in which it is used. Determining the maximum temperature the hose will withstand for manufacturing ensures that it is suitable for your application.


Ecoosi flex silicone hot air duct suitable for various applications. This silicone duct hose is designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -70 degrees to 310 degrees. Its have excellent durability and thermal stability and are commonly used in vehicle exhaust systems that require reliable hose systems. Our silicone duct hoses is designed for high temperature applications, such as drying systems, pollution control and the plastics industry and other high temperature environments.


Ecoosi heat resistant double layer silicone coated duct hose pipe is ideal for use in the following areas: bus depot maintenance facilities, bus authorities, military vehicle maintenance facilities, OEM vehicle exhausts, heavy equipment repairs, engine test bench applications, portable heaters, high-end HVAC applications, and road drying. Facilities such as foundries and applications such as drying systems and furnaces also require high-temperature duct hose. These areas require durable flexible duct hose to be able to cope with high temperature requirements. Choosing a non-high temperature hose may result in hose failure, which may result in injury and other serious hazards.


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