What is the applications of Ecoosi flexible black thermoplastic (TPR) rubber ducting hose?

What is the applications of Ecoosi flexible black thermoplastic (TPR) rubber ducting hose?

Ecoosi black thermoplastic rubber hose with high mechanical properties making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Our TPR ducting hose could handle working temperature range from -40°C  to +135°C.

Ecoosi thermoplastic rubber ducting hose is a highly flexible black TPR ducting made from a thermoplastic rubber supported by a thermoplastic coated steel spring helix. This TPR Flexible duct hose made in thermoplastic rubber with a steel spiral reinforcement embedded between the two layers.  Light and flexible is extremely resistant to high temperatures, chemicals and abrasion.

Ecoosi flex TPR hose has good oil and chemical resistance and excellent weathering and ageing properties. Ideal for air conveyance in harsh environments such as engine rooms and under-bonnet applications. Suitable as a fume and exhaust hose or as an automotive and stationary engine air intake.

Ecoosi Flexible TPR Ducting is ideal suitable for suction of hot air and fumes in chemical plants, shipyards, the automotive industry, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Suction and discharge of air and air-carried solids in medium-duty industrial applications. Suction of hot air and fumes in chemical plants and shipyards. This hose is ideal for use in garages and other enclosed spaces for ducting or extraction of exhaust, fumes, gases, vapours, dust and hot air.

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