How to choose the right high temperature resistant air duct hose?

How to choose the right high temperature resistant air duct hose?

The appearance of the high-temperature resistant air duct hose is made of the steel ring structure, wear-resistance, and negative pressure resistance, fireproof material. Because the outer layer is protected by a strong steel ring, it can be dragged on the ground without destroying the high temp duct. In addition, it can also bear the weight of the object, fire, water, acid, and alkali; high-cost performance; anti-vibration; external wear protection by spiral wire. Is a variety of high temperature and harsh environment ventilation exhaust transmission ducting hose.

We buy heat resistant duct hose for industrial ventilation and exhaust. Generally, a high-temperature resistant hose is installed on production equipment. Therefore, the diameter of the duct hose is closely related to us. If the hose diameter is too large, it may be impossible to connect the equipment. It will be found that there will be air leakage at the interface, and normal exhaust cannot be completed. If the hose diameter is too small, we may not be able to connect with the equipment, and the wind speed of the ventilation and exhaust will be limited to a certain degree, which directly affects the normal operation of our industrial ventilation equipment. Therefore, when we buy a high temp duct, the first thing we should pay attention to is the size of the ducting hose.

When purchasing a high temp duct hose, you must also consider the transfer medium. Different media are transmitted in the air duct. The air hoses we use are different. Some of the transfer media are chemical products. At this time, the high-temperature resistant duct we use is It must be able to prevent the corrosion of chemical products, and we choose to be able to meet the requirements of the concentration and temperature of the circulating medium. We must use different materials of hose to transport the medium of different components, so when buying, for the components of the medium is essential.

We cannot use the same flex duct hose in a different environment, so when buying, we need to understand the working environment of the high temp duct. If it is used in high-pressure environments, we need to buy a high-pressure resistant duct hose. If it is used in a high-temperature environment, then we may need to buy a high-temperature resistant duct hose that can withstand high temperatures, so before buying, we must have a detailed understanding of the working environment of our hose and then buy the right air duct hose that fits your needs.

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