Which places need flame retardant flexible PU transparent duct hose?

Which places need flame retardant flexible PU transparent duct hose?

Ecoosi flame retardant flexible PU transparent duct hose is ideal for protective hose to resist mechanical wear; for flame retardant hose to transport wear-resistant solids; woodworking machinery; for exhaust hose for the fume industry. This flexible duct hose has working temperature range: -40 ℃ to 90 ℃, short time can reach +125 ℃. This heat resistant flexible hose is produced by polyester polyurethane with spiral steel wire, it is flame retardant (according to DIN ISO 4649 standard, more wear-resistant than polyether polyurethane) wall thickness of about 0.6mm.


Ecoosi flexible PU hose do not have plasticizer and halogenating agent; easy to bend; high wear resistance; small bending radius; good UV resistance and ozone resistance; good air tightness; high tensile strength; smooth inner wall; flow Good performance; according to TRBS 2153 requirements, suitable for non-combustible dust / particulate particles and low conductivity gas / liquid. The metal wire should be grounded at both ends to ensure the elimination of static electricity.


Ecoosi PU transparent duct hose meet DIN4102 B1 requirements; flame retardant hose is very light; no indentation after bending recovery; good oil resistance; meet the requirements of the German Woodworking Association; symmetrical wrinkle; compression ratio 1: 5.


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