Why PVC hoses are one of the most versatile industrial hose on the market?

Why PVC hoses are one of the most versatile industrial hose on the market?

PVC hoses are used in many industrial applications for they are reasonably priced, durable, and have good chemical resistance, and are available in a variety of grades. PVC hoses are one of the most versatile industrial hose on the market. Flexible PVC hose can be used to move air in portable air conditioning units, move dust in woodworking applications, transport paint fumes or move bulk materials in agricultural applications. 


The inherent flexibility, durability and chemical resistance of PVC hoses enable them to play a significant role in a variety of applications. PVC hoses are available in clear, blue, thick walled material and thin walled universal flexible hoses. PVC hoses are not only economical, but their structural materials make them resistant to many elements, making them an excellent alternative to other forms of industrial hoses.


Unlike similar metal hoses products, PVC hoses are highly resistant to corrosion and are extremely damaging to most metal hoses. Chemical stability is a common feature of substances containing halogens such as chlorine and fluorine. This applies to PVC resins which also have oil/chemical resistance. Due to this excellent chemical resistance, PVC hoses are commonly used in applications involving the use of hazardous chemicals and fuels. 


Since PVC hoses have inherent resistance to corrosive chemicals and fumes, they can function in a variety of situations. Whether used as a floor hose in a laboratory or as a lightweight hose for loft ventilation, PVC hoses are suitable for almost all situations.


Another beneficial property of PVC hoses is that they are ultra-flexible and exceed the flexibility of other plastic products such as polyurethanes and thermoplastics. This flexibility is not at the expense of bending fatigue, but PVC hoses are more flexible and durable than other hoses when exposed to continuous bending. 


PVC can be continuously bent and moved without causing damage or softening the hose, making the flexible PVC hose ideal for applications requiring continuous bending and movement of the hose, similar to portable air conditioners. This means that you can usually use the length of the PVC hose to form elbows, dents and twists in the system without the need for connectors or other types of connectors.


Industrial flexible PVC hose are available in a variety of colors to suit your individual needs. It is advantageous to use colored length PVC hoses on several levels. Mainly colored PVC hoses are used to match the aesthetics of your work or home interior. However, another benefit is that color-coded PVC hoses can be used to represent and distinguish between different types of pipes. 


For example, the electrical conduit can be blue and the water flowing out of the curved conduit can be red. Transparent, transparent types of PVC hoses are also popular because they allow the user to view the contents of their hose while they are running. This means that plugs, ruptures and contaminants can be easily identified and handled without having to open or close the flexible hose system.


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