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Name:Interlock Ducting
Hose materials:100 rigid self-supporting PVC material with a ribbon-lock construction
Helix:Rigid PVC
Features:Diameter is adjustable by hand and can be reduced or expanded by approximately 25 of original I.D.
Features:Excellent for either temporary or permanent installation
Features:Manufactured with flame retardant materials
Features:May be shaped and reshaped and spliced together without special tools
Features:Chemical resistant
Features:Maintains shape
Temperature range:–10℃ to +80℃
Standard length:5 meters
Applications:Clean Rooms, Exhaust Systems, Fume Control, Pollution Control

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible duct hose - PVC Interlock Ducting Hose semi-rigid bend duct hose is a 100% rigid self-supporting PVC duct hose with a ribbon-lock construction that is recommended for industrial air movement and fume control applications. The unique flex PVC duct hose may be shaped and spliced together without the need of special tools and is a great option for both temporary and permanent installations alike. This PVC interlock air duct hose also provide the ability to adjust the inside diameter by hand; the ID can be reduced or expanded by approximately 25% of the product’s original ID. Its makes for a semi-rigid bend duct hose that is valued in applications that require constant flex of a hose (such as welding applications). The Interlocking is premier in the class of fume removal flex duct.


Ecoosi's PVC Interlock Ducting Hose has a working temperature of -20 to +80 degrees Celsius. Its will provide the user with good hose flexibility as it can move air above ambient temperatures as well as change diameter size when needed. This PVC semi-rigid bend duct hose is great for applications such as air, fume extraction and liquid supply under low pressure, clean rooms, portable air conditioner venting hose, wood dust extraction, conveyance of powder, granules and dust extraction, exhaust systems and general fume control. Unlike other semi-rigid flex pipes, this hose is not made from aluminum or stainless steel. While metallic hoses exhibit short life when continually flexed, Ecoosi's Interlock Ducting Hose is extremely durable and exhibits great flexibility.


Ecoosi's PVC Interlock Ducting semi-rigid bend duct hose is available in internal diameter sizes from 51 mm to 203 mm. This PVC flex air duct hose is available in 5 meters lengths.

 Interlock duct hose








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