Flexible High Temperature Silicone Air Ducting Hose Working

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In high temperature applications, it is important that you have the appropriate equipment to handle the heat applied to your equipment. Excessive heat without a high temperature silicone air ducting hose, flexible flame retardant silicone duct hose, will damage your ventilation system.

Ecoosi has a high temp flexible double layer silicone air duct hose designed for long-term use and durability when using in high temperatures. Ecoosi's hot air silicone 2 Ply duct hose is made from fiberglass. The wide material range provides a wide maximum temperature range from -70 ° C to +310 ° C. It provides excellent results for applications involving automobiles, boilers and steam jobs in a very wide temperature range.

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Flexible High Temp Silicone Air Duct Hose

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