High Temperature Silicone Coated 2 Ply Fiberglass Duct Hose

High Temperature Silicone Coated 2 Ply Fiberglass Duct Hose

Ecoosi high temperature silicone coated 2 Ply glass fiber fabric duct hose, red hot air silicone flex duct hose made of silicone coated glass fiber fabric, also known as silicone ventilation air duct, mechanical production made by high temperature vulcanization, this double layer silicone air duct hose looks beautiful, and scalability is better, when the bend is not easy to flat out, this silicone flex duct hose commonly used in red and black two colors, can also be customized other colors.

Ecoosi flex high temp 2 Ply silicone duct hose is silicone coated glass fiber fabric covered, with spiral steel wire support, silicone fabric on the wire above the bond, the lower layer to strengthen the adhesion of adhesion and tension. It is double wall, leakproof, smooth inner wall, high temperature.

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