What is SCAT Ducting?

What is SCAT Ducting?

SCAT ducting is a lightweight, flexible duct that can handle temperatures ranging from 70℃ to +310℃. It's recommended for use in conducting extremely cold or hot air. 

SCAT ducting is made of double-ply silicone-coated Coated Fiberglass Fabric with spring steel wire helix and fiberglass cord.

SCAT ducting is a flexible aircraft ducting hose that has excellent flexibility and excellent aging resistance.

SCAT ducting is designed for gas conductions at high temperatures, engine exhaust fume extraction from a point immediately close to the ejection area, electronic units cooling, and welding gas aspiration.

Hot air extraction in ceramic kilns.

Airplane or helicopter cockpit heating.

Ventilation and air-conditioning in boats.

Protection of electric cables passing through extremely hot areas.

Sheathing of pipework transporting hot air.

SCAT Ducting is a Double Ply Silicone Coated Ducting, it is highly flexible and easily installed around obstructions and sharp bends. Less air friction loss than similar non-lined ducting. Ideal for use in extremely cold or hot air, good for conveying fumes

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