Woodworking workshop dust collect device(CNC Machine) using PU transparent steel wire ducting hose solution.

Woodworking workshop dust collect device(CNC Machine) using PU transparent steel wire ducting hose solution.

In the process of woodworking machinery, will produce a large number of wood chips, dust, such as four planings, sanding machine, woodworking engraving machine, Edge machine, drilling machine, sawing machine, rod mill, Dust floating in the air easily inhaled by the workers to the respiratory tract, seriously affecting their health. The most effective measure is to select the dust removal equipment. The choice of dust removal equipment should take into account the degree of purification required by the site of operation and the nature of the dust and so on.

For large-scale wood dust and medium-sized wood, dust can be collected in time, and for the most harmful of all kinds of fine wood dust, the most effective way is to use a dust collection device to collect. The woodworking machinery dust removal device is an essential part of the vacuum hose, and the dust collection hose has a higher demand, the need for wear-resistant, flexible bending, durable, and long service life. PU transparent steel wire hose is its first choice.

PU transparent hose, steel wire ducting hose, woodworking dust collection hose. Features: Light steel wire wear-resistant hose, polyester polyurethane hose, with copper-coated steel wire reinforced. high tensile strength, and tear strength, mineral oil resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance. Halogen-free, RoHS environmental directive. Can be discharged static electricity, through the spiral wire grounding.

Transparent steel wire hose wall thickness of 0.6 mm, very light and soft, stretching ratio of up to 5: 1. Easy to handle, easy to transport, and can save storage space. Resistant to wear, mineral oil, ozone resistance, aging resistance. Particularly suitable for the dynamic location of machinery and equipment. (Eg dust, powder, fiber, and debris); for active media such as oil vapor and welding smoke; for industrial dust and suction. Especially for the carpentry and ceramics industry powder transport and dust suction row.

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