What are the advantages of Ecoosi Silicone 2 Ply hot air duct hose?

What are the advantages of Ecoosi Silicone 2 Ply hot air duct hose?

Ecoosi Silicone Heat Resistant Air Ducting Flexible Intake Hose Pipe is sturdy enough to not need additional support and flexible enough to make bends. It is ideally used for brake cooling ducts. This brake duct hose has thick, durable rubber and works great on the racecar. 

Ecoosi Silicone Coated Fiberglass Hose Double Ply is a great replacement part for an old Yale forklift with a torn intake tube to the air filter. It is super durable and easy to use, with nice flexible but yet rigid and heat resistant. Also could used between intercooler and carb for air to flow into the engine bay better. 

Ecoosi silicone duct hose has excellent quality and fitment. Usually used for brake ducting on a race car, no issues to use, easy to bend and maneuver, used to duct air to the intake. It is very sturdy constriction with the metal ribs, used to cover shocks on lowering struts for a car.

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