What is the application of Ecoosi white PVC nylon fabric air duct hose?

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Ecoosi PVC white nylon fabric air duct hose is designed for transfer exhaust air of hot gas and cold air, and extraction system of welding fumes. This flexible air duct hose is ideal used in drying machine exhaust in the plastic industry, factory dust removal and extraction plant exhaust, heating discharge, blast heater discharge and welding gas discharge. Exhaust equipment, engine structure, heating engine.
Ecoosi PVC white nylon fabric air duct hose is extremely high temperature resistance and flame retardancy, retractable, soft, and the bending radius of the hose is approximately equal to the outer diameter. Ecoosi PVC white nylon fabric air duct hose is produced with elastic steel wire is wrapped on the duct hose wall, the wall was made by flame retardant PVC coated nylon fabric. This PVC flexible duct hose could handle working temperature range from -20 to 120 ℃.

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