What kind of performance does the woodworking machinery vacuum hose need to meet woodworking workshop?

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Ecoosi PU flex steel wire woodworking vacuum hose is ideal for woodworking machinery, following are the woodworking workshop vacuum device supporting PU flex steel wire vacuum hose detailed introduction.

Ecoosi PU flex steel wire woodworking dust collection hose for woodworking workshop dust removal performance characteristics: light steel wire wear-resistant flexible hose, polyester polyurethane duct hose with copper-coated plastic wire ribs. The inner surface is smooth, light in weight, abrasion resistant, high tensile strength, and tear strength, resistant to mineral oil, ozone and aging. Halogen free, RoHS compliant. Static electricity can be discharged and grounded through a spiral wire. With a wall thickness of 0.4 mm, it is extremely light and flexible with a telescopic ratio of 5:1. Easy to handle, easy to transport and save storage space.

Woodworking machinery vacuum hose is a very important accessory on woodworking machinery. PU wood dust collection hose is a wear-resistant vacuum hose for wood chip machinery. It is more and more affected by all kinds of woodworking. The importance of the furniture factory. Choosing a wear-resistant anti-static dust collection hose will bring more convenience to the production, not only eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of the suction hose, but also increasing the production efficiency. 

Then, how should the woodworking flexible vacuum hose be cleaned and choosed?

1. The primary condition of woodworking machinery vacuum hose is wear resistance

If the woodworking machinery dust collection hose is very poor in wear resistance, it often takes less than a few days or weeks to transport the wood chips. The flexible suction hose is worn and damaged, and it is necessary to replace the hose without moving, not only trouble, great Delayed production.

2. The temperature resistance of woodworking vacuum hose

For the temperature resistance of woodworking vacuum hose, many people are not very clear, just know that ordinary vacuum hoses are easy to break or harden when used in winter. In fact, this is the problem of poor temperature resistance. The general vacuum hose is generally resistant to temperature. 5 ° C ~ 60 ° C, can still be used at about 5 ° C, but it will become hard. If it is lower than 5 ° C, it will be easy to bend and break. Therefore, the temperature of the vacuum hose with polyurethane can solve this problem. The wood-based vacuum hose of PU material has a temperature range of about -40 ° C to +100 ° C and a short time of about +125 ° C.

3. Woodworking machinery vacuum hose material selection

For the material, the best woodworking vacuum hose on the market is made of wear-resistant polyurethane material. This material is characterized by high wear resistance. Maybe you don't know what pu material is, but you are sure Know that some of the high-end shoes used in the soles are pu bottom, you can imagine the wear resistance of pu.

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