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What is PU ducting hose?

Ecoosi industrial polyurethane ducting hose has a nickname for PU Ducting hose. It is named as "PU copper coated steel wire hose" from material and structure, and it can also be called "PU vacuum hose, PU ventilation hose and PU air duct hose".


Ecoosis high temp silicone ventilation ducting hose is made of silicon coated glass fiber fabric with spring steel wire and reinforcement with glass fiber cord.

Ecoosis high temp silicone ventilation ducting hose is made of silicone coated glass fiber fabric. This red high temp silicone ducting hose, also known as high temperature silicone ventilation duct, there are two kinds of silicone flex duct in the market


PVC duct hose,PVC ventilation hose, PVC steel wire hose, PVC clear hose,PVC flex hose

Ecoosi PVC clear duct hose with PVC coated steel wire, the outer surface of wrinkles, reinforced ribs in the form of external thread to reduce the contact surface in the ground such as wear rate, very light and good elasticity, High gas pressure resistanc


Good resistance to Acid and alkali---Ecoosi industrial TPR flex ducting hose

Ecoosis Thermoplastic rubber ducting hose has light weight, high flexibility and bending, with high temperature stability and good chemical resistance, excellent resistance to ozone. This ducting hose can cut off the noise generated during air delivery.


PU vacuum hose, industrial dust collection hose construction and wear resistance analysis

PU vacuum hose, industrial vacuum hose can transmit air, dust, sand, wood chips or pieces of wood, widely used, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, low temperature and other characteristics, can completely replace the rubber hose, PVC Vacuum hose and other ho


The Advantages of Polyurethane Ducting Hose

Thermoplastic polyurethane ducting hose as early as the early 80s in Germany, Japan, the United States, France and a few other developed countries have begun to use. 90s has been widely used in hydraulic, pneumatic, mortar transportation, water conservanc


Woodworking workshop dust collect device(CNC Machine) using PU transparent steel wire ducting hose solution.

PU transparent hose, steel wire ducting hose, woodworking dust collection hose. Features: Light steel wire wear-resistant hose, polyester polyurethane hose, with copper-coated steel wire reinforced. high tensile strength, and tear strength, mineral oil re


Silicone Coated Glass Fiber Duct, High Temperature Ventilation Hose, High Temperature Ventilation Duct, High Temperature Air Duct With Double Layer Silicone Coated Fiberglass Duct Encapsulated Spiral Steel Wire Support.

High temperature silicone ducting, high temperature silicone air duct is mainly used in a variety of mechanical ventilation, hot air and air conditioning guidance, smoke, moisture and dust, high temperature and humidity exhaust gas emissions.


How to connect the PU flexible hose when its length is not enough?

PU flexible hose, wear-resistant, lightweight, environmentally friendly high-quality steel wire hose, durable, is a multi purpose industrial wear-resistant duct hose, this structure so that the hose has a strong compressible wear performance.


Ecoosi flexible silicone duct hose is a heat resistant duct hose with double layer coated glass fiber fabric.

Ecoosi flexible Silicone coated duct hose is a heat resistant air duct hose with double layer coated glass fiber fabric, this double layer silicone coated duct hose is designed for hot air applications

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