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Flexible Plastic hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.

Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd. offers flexible ducting and flexible hoses suitable for ambient air movement, requiring plastic hoses to be mobile and flexible.


What is fiberglass?

When working in light air and smoke applications, flexible fiberglass ducting hose is a fantastic lightweight alternative to metal hoses solutions. Ecoosis glass fiber flexible ducting hose is used for high temperature air and smoke applications


What is PVC flexible fabric ventilation hose?

Having a PVC flexible fabric duct hose provides many advantages, such as low cost, light weight and ease of installation, uniform air distribution, and a wide range of available colors and sizes.


Polyurethane dust collection flexible ducting hose

Polyurethane dust collection flexible ducting hose is an important factor in maintaining safety and efficiency in the workplace.


Industrial vacuum hose include PU vacuum hose and PVC vacuum hose

Industrial vacuum hose commonly used in two materials, one is the PU material PU vacuum hose, the other is the PVC material PVC vacuum hose.Here, the two different materials of the vacuum hose to do a comparison of their performance characteristics and


How to choose the suitable steel wire hose?

PU copper coated steel wire hose is a flexible hose with copper wire, PU steel wire hose is suitable for wear and tear of solid such as dust, powder, fiber, chips and particles, gas and liquid environment for dust and Suction plants, industrial vacuum cle


High temperature silicone air duct is generally used for industrial plants and exhaust equipment

High temperature silicone air duct is generally used for industrial plants and exhaust equipment, high temperature silicone air duct with flame retardant properties, and meet the flame retardant DIN4102-B1 standard,


Polyester fabric high temperature ventilation duct hose using high-quality polyester fabric materials

Polyester fabric high-temperature air duct hose used imported high-quality polyester fabric materials, the market a lot of nylon cloth in the sale of nylon fabric is not cloth, but some PVC mesh production, the surface looks very rough, so how to distingu


What is PVC Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose?

PVC Flexible Ventilation Ducting Hose from Ecoosi Industrial Co., Ltd.


What is PU ducting hose?

Polyurethane ducting hose has a nickname for PU Ducting hose. It is named as

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