PTFE Ducting    

Ecoosi flexible PTFE ducting hose has excellent resistance to alkalis and acids. It is also a high temperature flexible ducting hose, as its could handle working temperature up to 260℃
  • PTFE coated glass fiber fabric
  • zinc plated steel slice
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • High temperature qualities
  • good resistance to UV and ozone
  • Excellent compressibility
  • good resistance to alkalis and acids
  • Highly flexible
  • Good resistance to high temperature up to 260℃
  • –70℃ to +260℃
  • 10 meters
  • Chemical Plants, Fume Exhaust, High Temperature Applications, Pharmaceuticals, and Pollution Control

Ecoosi flexible ducting hose---PTFE ducting hose is designed for transferring aggressive vapors in the chemical industry, such as sulfuric acid mist. This chemical-resistant flexible ducting hose is also used for transferring hot air and chemical fumes, for industrial dust removal and suction, and chemical industry. Our flexible PTFE ducting hose is produced by PTFE coated glass fiber fabric with zinc plated steel slice, so it is extremely abrasive as the external clamped profile. 

PTFE ducting hose offers superior chemical resistance and high-temperature qualities, making it ideal for the harshest conditions. A PTFE ducting hose generally consists of two parts. The first part is the base of the ducting hose, which is typically a fiberglass fabric material. The PTFE  is then coated onto the ducting hose, sealing the fabric and creating the highly chemical-resistant lining for the duct hose. Typically zinc plated steel slice is used as the “backbone” of the flex hose, which also reduces kinking when the duct hose is flexed. Therefore a PTFE flexible ducting hose behaves like a fabric duct hose while offering excellent chemical resistance. 

Ecoosi flexible PTFE ducting hose has excellent resistance to alkalis and acids. It is also a high-temperature flexible ducting hose, as it's could handle working temperatures up to 260℃. Our PTFE ducting hose is highly flexible and compressible, and also has good resistance to UV and ozone. This flex ducting hose is kink-proof and anti-adhesive, odorless, and tasteless.

Ecoosi flexible PTFE ducting hose standard length is 10 meters for each piece. This high temp ducting hose size range from 50mm to 1000mm. This high temp PTFE ducting hose could handle a working temperature range from -70℃ to +260℃.

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