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Universal Smoking Hose

  • Universal Smoking Hose

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible ducting hose - Universal Smoking Hose Pipe is a 100% rigid self-supporting plastic hose pipe with a ribbon-lock construction that is recommended for smoke purification and filtration equipment, assembly line solder smoke exhaust, production workshop oriented smoke extraction, moxibustion smoking, electric welding, laser cutting, tin furnaces, spraying, laser operations, electronic processing, wave furnace applications. This universal smoking hose pipe may be shaped and spliced together without the need of special tools and is a great option for both temporary and permanent installations alike. Its makes for a universal smoking hose pipe that is valued in applications that require constant flex of a hose pipe (such as welding applications). This universal smoking hose pipe is premier in the class of self-support exhaust smoking and fume removal.

Ecoosi's universal smoking hose pipe are available in internal diameter sizes 50 mm and 75 mm, standard length is 1 meter.



universal smoking pipe

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