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What is the applications and features of Ecoosi industrial flexible PVC material handling suction hose?

Ecoosi industrial flexible PVC material handling suction hose has below applications.

1. As indoor air intake suction hose and exhaust air conditioning suction hose;

2. As textile machine ventilation hose;

3. Sets of civil machines hose, metal grinding machineshose, flexible vacuum hose, and various industrial vacuum cleaner hose;

4. Marine inflatable pump suction hose, gas suction hose;

5. Gas, exhaust, and drain suction hose in the pits of coal mines and mines;

6. Water absorption suction hose, drainage hose, exhaust hose and dust collection hose for various construction sites;

7. Various mechanical ventilation exhaust hose;

8. Wire and cable sheathing hose;

9. Agricultural irrigation drainage hose;

Ecoosi industrial flexible PVC material handling suction hose has excellent chemical resistance: resistant to common acid and alkali and organic solvent corrosion, not corroded by chemicals in general sewage and wastewater, and not corroded by organic substances in the soil.

1. High impact resistance: impact resistance, strong external pressure resistance;

2. Good weather resistance, the flexible suction hose is usually white, can effectively absorb the ultraviolet rays in the sun, and can withstand the direct sunlight of the sun during storage and use.

3. Excellent temperature adaptability, the suction hose can be used normally in the environment of -20℃ to +70℃.

4. Superior drainage and wear resistance, smooth inner wall, low frictional resistance, fast drainage speed, fast water flow and strong water permeability

5. Economical: The material price is low and the replacement cost is low.

6. Environmental impact: This material is non-toxic raw material, harmless to the environment, and has a wide range of applications.

If any interests or questions in our industrial flexible PVC material handling suction hose  please feel free to contact us through email: or Mobile(WhatsApp): 00-86-136-5140-9056, we are always here to satisfy your requirement!





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