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Antistatic Suction Hose

  • Antistatic Suction Hose

Product Description

Ecoosi flexible ducting hose - Anti-static Hose handling hose is a polyurethane wall hose with copper wire. The copper wire allows this hose to reduce static buildup when handling materials. This is especially useful in applications when static buildup can result in explosions or accidents. In addition to the static resistant copper wire, the polyurethane materials used in this hose gives it excellent chemical and abrasion resistance and high tear strength. The PVC helix provides extra support and durability. This Anti-static flex hose is built with a medium weight construction, making it perfect for applications such as abrasives, dust, and materials. This flex duct hose is great for woodworking and grain handling applications.

 Anti static suction hose

Ecoosi's Anti static suction hose is constructed to work in a wide range of temperature applications. This hose is designed to work in temperatures ranging from a low of -40 to a high of +125 degrees Celsius. Its high temperature tolerance, electrostatic discharge resistance, chemical resistance, and tear strength qualities given by the hose materials make this a great flex duct hose for most abrasive environments.


Ecoosi's Anti static suction hose comes in standard lengths of 20 meters with a plain cut finish in clear colors. The material handling hose is ideal for medium-duty abrasives, dust, and material applications such as fertilizer broadcasting, static control applications. 





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